Aerospace and defense

Beschichtungen Aerospace und Defence, industrielle Plama-OberflächenveredelungThe materials used in the aerospace and defense industries are required to meet high standards for reliability and for exposure to both static and dynamic loads. Many components are also exposed to extremes of temperature and climate. Alongside DC99-A® layers, those of the DC99-C® family also enjoy wide use, particularly in the field of propulsion. Reduced energy consumption and enhanced performance are the top priorities here.

Example: Coating of AlBeMet (satellite technology)

Coating of AlBeMet (satellite technology)

The assignment

Application of a zero-reflection conductive DLC coating in an AlBeMet housing with a difficult 3D geometry.


  • Anti-corrosion protection under exposure to changing climatic conditions
  • Thermal stability at 600° C


  • The layer is resistant to oxidation under changing climatic conditions and is thermally stable up to above 600° C
  • The specified light absorption was also achieved

» Coating recommendation: DC99-A®

Example: Micromechanics

surcoating technology, micromechnics

The assignment

Development of a coating to reduce icing during service in extreme climatic conditions.


  • To boost reliability under extreme climatic conditions
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduction of materials costs (replacement parts)


  • Freezing tests confirmed a reduction in the necessary force by approx. 50% compared to uncoated components

» Coating recommendations: DC99-A®, DC99-C®