DC99-A, high wear protection high abrasion resistance scratchproof

Hardness3000 HV
Modulus of elasticity200 GPa
Layer thickness1 to 5 µm
Coefficient of friction< 0.1
Service temperature500 °C
Coloranthracite black


  • high wear protection
  • high abrasion resistance
  • scratchproof
  • good elastoplastic performance
  • resistant to caustics and acids
  • chemically resistant
  • corrosion-inhibiting
  • biocompatible and safe for use with foodstuffs (German Food and Feed Code [LFBG], FDA)
  • extremely smooth surface
  • dense, compact, amorphous layer structure

Typical applications

  • Avoidance of smearing and cold welding in forming of aluminium, non-ferrous metals and stainless steels
  • Enhancement of deep-drawing die service-life in cold forming (forming tools)
  • Lower maintenance input thanks to protection of machine and system components against abrasive media (foodstuffs industry)
  • Reduced need for cleaning in the foodstuffs industry and in medical technology (surgical instruments)
  • Enhanced machining-tool service-lives thanks to improved chip clearance, even when machining composites (e.g. tools for drilling and milling of non-ferrous metals)
  • Protection against abrasive fluids for immersion sensors (sensor systems)