The decisive factor...

… is know-how spanning the entire process chain, from a single source.

To meet the demand for innovative production processes and also that for machining of ever more "exotic" workpiece materials, not least of all to achieve greater productivity and process efficiency, modern precision tools and components must at all times operate at their process-performance limits. In view of unrelenting and ever-increasing cost-pressure, and of demands for ever greater performance, many are simply no longer competitive without coatings.

The demands made on technological surfaces are becoming ever more diverse and ever more application-specific. The precision-tool industry is therefore looking for solutions for tailor-made tool concepts, systematically designed cutting edges and micro-structured surfaces. Surcoatec – the experts in innovative industrial plasma-surface technology – possesses comprehensive know-how in these fields.

Surcoatec surface solutions

+ prolong service-lives
+ improve efficiency and productivity
+ impart new interface-surface properties
+ boost performance
+ enhance competitive differentiation

The surface coating exerts a significant influence in optimising service-lives and performance. The coating alone is only part of the success story, however. Another important basic element is edge and surface preparation. At least 80% of the performance and quality of a precision tool are determined before actual coating. Only thus can the full potential of a coated cutting edge, for example, be realised in the zone of interaction between the workpiece material and the tool.



In the relevant standard, surface preparation is regarded as the cleaning and improvement of the varying as-delivered condition, to permit subsequent coating. Only a holistic Oberflächenpräparation und Beschichtung examination of the "preparation + coating" complex furnishes the conclusion that preparation is an essential, quality-determining factor in making it possible to use a coated tool or component at its respective specified performance limit. s-performance 4.x embodies precisely this holistic approach.

In s-performance 4.x, Surcoatec provides - from a single source - know-how that spans the entire process chain. The result is optimisation of performance and service-life tailored to your individual requirements, and calculable wear characteristics.

Results: Visibly and tangibly improved production

Drilling of high alloy steelOnly holistic analysis of the "preparation + coating + finishing" surface-enhancement chain will permit significant improvements in performance without necessitating modifications to the coating and the coating process..






Example: cemented carbide micro-drill

As deliveredLight preparationIntensive preparation
cemented carbide micro-drill as deliveredcemented carbide micro-drill light preparationcemented carbide micro-drill intensive preparation


The s-performance 4.x section contains even more examples.

Lasting improvements in wear-behaviour.