Energy technology

energy engineeringThe demands made in energy engineering are many and varied, and there are extremely diverse applications for practically all Surcoatec layer systems in power-plant engineering, oil and gas production, in alternative propulsion systems and in the entire spectrum of renewable energy. The ability to protect readily oxidizing metals against corrosion is, for example, of great importance in the field of thermal energy technologies.

Example: Mechanical seal for oil production

Beschichtung für Gleit- und Gegenringe von Druckwasser- und Förderpumpen

The assignment

Development of a better adhering and more homogeneous coating of not less than 3 µm for the sliding O-rings and counter rings of water-injection and booster pumps.


  • No need for re-working
  • Assurance of trouble-free operation


  • Optimum dimensional accuracy was achieved (ripple and layer thickness)
  • The specified minimum layer thickness of 3 µm was bettered
  • A homogeneous DLC coating with extremely good adhesion - even in the boundary zones - was achieved

» Coating recommendation: DC99-C®

Example: Heat exchangers in a coal-fired power plant

Heat exchangers in a coal-fired power plant

Source: © Wieland-Werke AG

The assignment

Development of an acid-resistant coating which facilitates cleaning and boosts the heat exchanger's efficiency.


  • Protection of the flue-gas heat exchanger against sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and so-called "green death", a mixture of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, iron(III) chloride and copper(II) chloride
  • Improvement of heat-exchanger efficiency
  • Reduction of cleaning costs: the coating was to eliminate concrete-hard depositions caused by residual particulates combining with lime, water and acid


  • The flue-gas heat exchangers are now protected against all acids
  • Heat-exchanger efficiency has been increased
  • Abrasion protection has been significantly improved

» Coating recommendations: STech-A®, DC99-A®