MpC_3 (Multipurpose Coating)

MpC Multipurpose Coating drillingMpC Multipurpose Coating drillingMpC Multipurpose CoatingMpC Multipurpose CoatingMcC Multipurpose Coating

“Excellence Coating” MpC_3 brings the following characteristics:

  • Nano-lamellar oxidic system from the MpC clusters
  • Improved friction properties at elevated temperatures
  • Good sliding properties
  • Optimised tribological properties for wet machining
  • High wear resistance
  • High thermal stability, low thermal conductivity
  • Low tendency to stick with respect to NE-metals
  • Application tailored micro-structuring of edges and surfaces


Layer properties MpC_3
coating material(Ti,Al)N based
micro hardness3,200 HV0,05
maximum operating temperature> 1,000 °C
coefficient of friction against steel (dry)0.2
layer thickness on the cutting edge3 μm
layer designnano lamellar
Of course particular data are dependent on the respective test and application conditions.












Advantages for the end-users:

  • Universal and dynamic tool usage
  • Precise and stable production quality
  • Improved productivity due to advanced cutting data and thus increased chip removal rates
  • Optimal machine capacity utilization due to longer tool life
  • Reliable tool life providing one element into the direction of industry 4.0

Recommended applications:

Within the MpC cluster the coating systems develop evolutionarily. Preferred use of drills and end mills and forming, stamping and punching tools for machining of:
ideal use for wet machining, machining dry and with MQL is possible as well

  • hard machining of steel ≥ 60HRC for tool-and mold-making
  • hard to machine materials like Ti- and Ni based alloys
  • alloyed steel
  • high-strength steel
  • tool steel
  • stainless steel
  • grey and ductile cast iron*)
  • Aluminum < 8% Si
  • NE-alloys

*) if necessary, taking into account special edge preparation for drills