Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Pharma und Chemie, Beschichtungen, industrielle Plama-OberflächenveredelungThe use of aggressive fluids presents great challenges in many applications. Surcoatec layers make it possible to reduce cleaning times and to dispense in many cases with the use of toxic cleaning agents. It is also frequently possible to use lower-cost materials for piping systems and vessels, since the Surcoatec coating already possesses properties otherwise needed in these materials.

» Test Report – US FDA (PDF)

Example: Chemicals vessels

The assignment

Development of a coating which will prevent contamination of vessels by residues, and the resultant contamination of the chemical products.


  • Optimization of product quality via reduction of residues
  • Reduction of cleaning costs
  • Elimination of toxic cleaning agents
  • Lower number of vessels needed


  • Cleaning time was reduced from 48 hours to just a few minutes. Acids and caustics are now not needed for cleaning.

» Coating recommendation: DC99-A®

Example: Conveying and packaging systems

 Förder- und Abfüllanlagen, Beschichtung

The assignment

Development of a low-friction coating less susceptible to wear caused by contact with chemicals.


  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Reduction of maintenance and materials costs (less frequent replacement of wear parts)


  • Friction tests confirmed a reduction in friction of not less than a factor of 2 compared to the best gaskets currently available on the market
  • Combination with correspondingly coated mating parts permitted even further reduction of friction
  • Elastomer gaskets with twice the service-life

» Coating recommendation: DC99-C®