STech-A® low surface energy easy to clean non-stick non-reflective

Specification Value
Hardness1500 HV
Modulus of elasticity140 GPa
Layer thickness1 to 3 µm
Coefficient of friction< 0.3
Service temperature500 °C
(slight interference colors)


  • low surface energy
  • easy to clean
  • non-stick
  • non-reflective
  • good abrasion protection
  • corrosion-inhibiting
  • chemically resistant
  • extremely smooth surface
  • dense, compact, amorphous layer structure

Typical Applications

  • Greater productivity in the foodstuffs industry thanks to reduced needs for cleaning and maintenance of components subjected to heavy chemical and/or low mechanical loads (e.g. 100% removal of confectionery from moulds)
  • Enhanced non-stick action in mechanical engineering (e.g. anti-furring in cooling systems)
  • Increased resistance to scratching and easier cleaning of kitchen equipment and utensils (e.g. sinks, knives, spatulas, etc.)
  • Improved efficiency in optical components and, for example, absorbers, thanks to excellent non-reflective properties
  • Protection against corrosive attack in plastics processing, for example