Surface solution provider

Surcoatec is a plasma-technology specialist unique thanks to a range of patented company-developed coating processes

The PVD and PECVD processes, combined with innovative preparation technology, enable Surcoatec to open up new potentials in surface finishing. This "high-end technology provider" meets individual customer requirements reliably with its s-performance 4.x service package – with great benefits for numerous individual sectors and even for entire industries.

  • Greater productivity, thanks to extended tool and component service-lives, plus boosted performance
  • Unique product quality, thanks to customised surface properties tailored to each specific application
  • New functionality, thanks to optimised surface preparation and micro-structuring
  • Lower costs, thanks to lower setting-up, maintenance and cleaning work needs
  • Higher profits, thanks to Surcoatec's unique service packages that assure competitive advantages for you, the customer

Surcoatec technology is notable for the extreme performance of micro-textured, modified and coated surfaces. Even temperature-sensitive functional components can be coated at low temperatures using PECVD. Hard, wear-resistant temperature-stable high-performance coatings are applied to heavily load-exposed precision tools and components using PVD. Surcoatec coatings bond onto virtually all substrate materials and all geometries – even inside cavities, thanks to patented developments of the PECVD process. In addition to exceptionally high-performance diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings, the company also uses a large range of other materials to generate customised high-performance coatings.

The PVD and PECVD processes, combined with innovative preparation technology, enable Surcoatec to open up new potentials in surface finishing.Surcoatec's range of products and services also includes the ever more dominant focus of systematic, geometry- and application-optimised surface texturing – an important factor in enabling coated tools and components to perform to the full scope of their capabilities. "Best practice" with its combination of preparation and coating – that is s-performance 4.x. And s-performance 4.x from Surcoatec is comprehensive know-how from a single expert source.




An ISO 9001:2015 certified company

ISO 9001 DEKRA certificated

ISO 9001 DEKRA zertifiziert, Herstellung von im Plasma synthetisierten Schichten zur Veredelung von technischen Oberflächen

for: Application of coatings synthesised in plasma for enhancement of technological surfaces and, in particular, finishing of the internal contours of pipes, tubes and hollow bodies.